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Apple Galette

If anything makes me feel like a TRUE Food Network Chef - It is this. Also a great fall dessert!

Incredibly impressive. And That's all I have to say about that. - Forrest Gump Style.

But if I needed to say more because apparently in blog posts people talk about the food for precisely 19.5 paragraphs before sharing the recipe, I would say this: It's classy.

I have always seen photos of galettes in magazines. I'm a long time subscriber of food magazines. It's probably a bad habit and I feel a bit like a hoarder because I have magazine clippings from literally 2007 - keep 'em coming, I have no shame. ANYWAY. I have always seen photos of galettes - Oh by the way I had no idea these were actually called galettes. Yup - That's right, the name is just as classy as it's appearance. Okay, anyway I went off topic again. SO This apple galette. I've seen photos and have always thought 'sure that looks great, but I would surely screw it up. Guess what guys? I didn't. I DIDN'T! So if I didn't have any mishaps, neither will you!

Taste like an apple pie with a lot less effort.

And what I presume to be a lot less work. You only have to make one crust, you don't have to let the apples sit in a pound of sugar... the filling is less sugary and it tastes fantastic! The most time consuming part of this recipe is cutting the apples. Although I will say I tried to peel my apples sleepless in Seattle style and I tried to get the peel off in one go around; to no avail. I will try again soon. If you try this recipe out, please know the crust is meant to look rustic which is perfect for people like me who are incapable of creating something 'perfect' but this in it's own right actually is perfect, because of it's imperfections - much like you and me. :)


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