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Maple Glazed Chicken & Sweet Potatoes

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

This recipe is precisely the reason why my cookbook would not have firm measurements or ingredients. This is the type of recipe where you find stuff in your fridge and say 'this will work' and It actually does!

When we talk about easy, weeknight meals we think of spaghetti, or something frozen that we throw in the oven just to be able to get something on the table and into our kids' mouths because we all know that dinner time hustle all too well!

Dinnertime hustle can turn into the dinnertime ballroom where your tastebuds dance around your mouth like a beautiful ballerina....I've been watching way too much dancing with the stars.

I digress. This dish can be thrown together in about fifteen minutes, especially if you have frozen mashed sweet potatoes on hand, and some frozen veggies! The chicken - star of the show- the head of the company, as we can refer to it -- that's a ballerina term ''company' okay well maybe not, I have no idea I'm new to the dance community. And when I say new I mean My daughter has only been dancing for a few years and she is 6 so... there's that.

That took a turn

What I'm trying to say is this chicken dish is amazing, so quick to throw together, it kind of gives off a thanksgiving vibe and definitely gives off a fall inspired meal and it taste like you got it from a high scale restaurant! --- maybe the Nutcracker?? if you will... okay I'm done. Here's what you're going to need...

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