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Kim's Beyond Banana Bread

Prepare yourselves to read the word moist about 75x.

The is the WORLDS BEST banana bread. I know. I know what you're thinking; This photo looks like garbage. yes it is. I'm a professional. and also; joanna gaines makes great banana bread; or even Chrissy Teegan... or *fill in the blank* makes some good banana bread. I don't doubt that; however,

This recipe is the ABSOLUTE best banana bread you will ever make in your entire existence of living.

Banana bread is banana bread. Sure. But THIS banana bread is beyond for a couple of reasons. 1. for this banana bread you use four bananas. Yes, four bananas! Gone are the days of using one single banana to make banana bread. What?! I'm sorry when my kids go through a feast or famine regarding bananas I usually have at the very least four to throw in some banana bread!

Since it uses four bananas it is definitely super moist and has a great banana flavor!

Now I know what you're thinking... so what is the second reason? reason number 2. you have the option to use TWO sticks of butter. yes. I know. two sticks seems a bit excessive; but let me explain. more butter = better. and that's the end of that equation. haha On the real my brother came over one time and made some banana bread. It was during a hurricane where they had lost their power and needed to use up some brown bananas. Anyway, I noticed his banana bread was pretty similar to mine... but it tasted 6X better than mine and was so much more moist!! I'd even slide to seven times better than mine. So obviously I implemented the one change he made; more butter. because more is more. Welcome to America. Oh and also... moist moist moist moist.

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