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Nutella Brownies

If you don't know me, you do now. My two favorite things in one.

I have always been very skeptical about making anything that included nutella because I never wanted to waste a spoonful of it!

Normally I eat nutella with a spoon, straight out of the jar like pudding. Simply the best.

The sugar content in nutella is outrageous, nonetheless, it's delicious and irresistible. I have to say adding nutella to brownies gave it such a depth of flavor! It really elevated the brownies to another level. You know what I'm talking about! Food Network level. Magazine worthy! INSTAGRAM WORTHY EVEN! ... For our taste buds anyway!

Bottom line it was worth adding this nutella to brownies and I would absolutely make them again!

The hazlenut flavor in this gave the brownies such a richness. I mean really - Brownies as a base is delicious as it is! Adding something top shelf like nutella to the mix and you've got yourself a full chefs kiss!! It is definitely not a full smack you in the face nutella flavor, it is a subtle flavor and it's exactly what you wanted even if you didn't think so. ALSO did I add that this recipe only has a few ingredients?! Four to be exact... not including all of the ingredients that are already in nutella. We don't count those.


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