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Pumpkin Pasta & Spinach

I know what you're thinking. WOW Pumpkin, and spinach in the same dish? Why-you-do-that-kim?! Let me tell you something I had the same thoughts. Well not so much about the spinach, because I'm a fan of all things green; but the pumpkin... I rolled my eyes and thought the 'basic' B in me HAS to try this. At least there isn't any Spice to this dish! (as in pumpkin spice. Did you get that)?

When I shared this recipe on my Youtube channel I had very low expectations. Like LOW. I didn't think I would like it. SO low in fact I halved the dish and kept half without sauce in fear that my kids wouldn't even touch it!

I need to raise my expectations when it comes to pumpkin because let me tell you something; this dish blew me away! The combination of pumpkin (no spice), sausage and spinach was EXACTLY what my taste buds needed!

Not to mention this dish is quick and easy to throw together! Again, perfect for that weeknight meal when you're scrambling to get food on the table for everyone! The ingredients are simple and cook fairly fast! Bonus if you want to make things fancy get some fancy noodles! Totally not necessary, but it does elevate the dish, and we are still waiting on that call from Food Network.

Another Perfect Fall Recipe

I was really overdoing all of the fall themed dishes this week, and I thought at least one of them would be a dud - mainly this one. I was pleasantly surprised when I enjoyed it! I'm even more surprised to know that this dish has been one of the more popular dishes that people have recreated and shared with me on my instagram - and guess what? Their family enjoyed it too!! Maybe it's the intriguing pumpkin?! There's something magical about it. I've never known to coat pasta in pumpkin, well now I do and I'm loving it! It tastes awesome and provides a nice dairy free, tomato free pasta option!!


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