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Stuffed Acorn Squash

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

This recipe is precisely the reason why my cookbook would not have firm measurements or ingredients. This is the type of recipe where you find stuff in your fridge and say 'this will work' and It actually does!

I was inspired by watching Tiffani Beaston create these little nuggets of deliciousness so I went to pinterest to find a recipe. I found a few and kind of did my own thing in the kitchen - per the usual.

Don't have sausage? Use ground beef. Don't have ground beef? Use ground chicken. Don't have spinach? Use kale. Don't like kale? Neither does anyone else.

Just kidding. Kind of. I mean I like kale, but I get it, and I hope you get me! The point I'm trying to relay is that you don't need exact ingredients for this recipe. Use what you have in the kitchen! That's my whole thing. Use what you have, and that will be good enough! -- except for the acorn squash. You're going to need some acorn squash for this one. (or spaghetti squash, see even that can be substituted! Don't listen to me).

The Perfect Fall Recipe

squash of all sorts just scream fall to me, so I'm sure you'll be feeling all of the fall vibes once you make this dish tonight for your family! ... even if you're sitting in the dead heat of august, sweating in your kitchen with no AC. I promise. Fall vibes will ensue. (fall feelings aren't actually guaranteed).


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